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As the digital world grows, people are changing the way they consume news and information. While some people still read the newspaper, read a magazine, listen to the radio or watch their favourite newscast on tv, more and more people using their desktop, tablet and mobile phone to find this information. This change has opened up new opportunities for advertisers, who can now deliver their online advertising messages to their target market better than ever before.

Here’s a video explaining online advertising targeting:

One form of advertising targeting is behavior targeting, which uses cookies to keep track of the websites you have visited. This allows advertisers to deliver their ad messages to users whose online activities reflect that of the advertiser’s target market. For example, if you are a new parent who has researched baby car seats online, don’t be surprised if diaper ads appear on the screen, even when you are on non-parent related websites.

Another form of behavior targeting is retargeting. For example, let’s say you are looking to book your next vacation and you have visited an airline carrier’s website to check pricing. Later, when you are visiting a different website, you are served an ad from that same airline carrier. That carrier is hoping that its ad will prompt you to make a purchase. This graphic from Matomy Market’s website illustrates retargeting well.

Matomy Market - Retargeting Illustration

Matomy Market – Retargeting Illustration

What do you think about behaviourally-targeted ads? Are they an intrusion to your privacy and you feel like Big Brother is watching you? Or do you find it convenient to have relevant ads delivered to you? Perhaps it doesn’t bother you at all.

This article by Andrea Fisherman explains how concern about behavioural targeting comes down to security and privacy issues. As consumer watchdog groups and government bodies decide how and if regulations on behavioural targeting should be put in place, many consumers try to minimize themselves from being targeted by deleting the cookies from their computer.

One thing is for sure. Behaviourally-targeted ads make advertisers happy, as they can target their message to the right people, assuring them better bang for their advertising dollar.