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Adapting to Change

Posted: April 21, 2013 in Uncategorized

When you first found out about the tragic events in Boston earlier this week, how did you get that information? As the stories unfolded, how did you seek out the news? Think about your news consumption habits today versus five or ten years ago. How has it changed? It’s likely that today, more than ever before, your news source includes some form of digital media.

In the media world, some will say that “going digital” has caused the demise of the traditional news media model. Others will say it has opened up opportunities for growth in the industry. It has caused major changes in the format and speed in which news is shared and disseminated. It has created a new but much-needed revenue source from advertisers.

This blog will focus on how consumers’ changing habits have forced the news media industry to become more digitally focused. In my job as a news media advertising representative, I see how this transition is essential in order for my organization, and the industry as a whole, to survive.